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Santak UPS

    Castle Series LCD

  • Sine-wave output: True sine-wave output with less than 3% THD.

  • Double Conversion Design: Zero transfer/ complete isolation of input AC.

  • UPS Monitoring Software: Powerful true RS232 communication via the enclosed software to manage and safely shutdown operating systems.

  • Network RJ45/11 protection: Complete powerful network and phone line surge protection

  • AC Surge Suppressor: Powerful multi-stage surge components that exceed IEEE requirements

  • SNMP Slot Option: Allows for remote monitoring and control via www.

  • Sleep Mode: Worry free battery management. The unit turns itself off after ten seconds to conserve battery power when no power needs are detected.

  • Battery level indicators: LED’s indicate battery levels.

  • Load Sensing: The incorporated LED load indicators allow IT professionals to manage backup time and balance power loads.

  • Low Battery indicators: The low battery level indicator will warn of eminent UPS shutdown two full minutes before unit shuts down.

  • Replace Battery indicators: A preventative measure that indicates when batteries must be replaced to prevent server crashes