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LP 11 Series UPS (3KVA ~ 10KVA)


  • Single Phase Output Voltages - 220/230/240V Wide input voltage window - Minimizes battery use, prolongs battery life RPA functionality for paralleling and redundancy - UPS capacity can be increased as site requirements require at no extra cost Internal automatic bypass switch - Continuous power supply to the load even if the UPS is overloaded 0.8 output power factor - Prevents the need to oversize the UPS Manual automatic bypass switch - Integrated as standard to the rear of the UPS GE's unique Superior Battery Management - Ultimate protection for the UPS core component High efficiency 91% - 94% (model dependent) - Using ECO mode, high efficiency and low losses No load shutdown - Prevents deep battery discharge al low loads Frequency conversion 50/60Hz - Operates as a frequency converter also operating in a parallel system

  • Compact footprint and low noise - Easy to maneuver and install; suitable for installation even next to the user Isolation transformer design - Ensuring no DC on the output; ultimate site safety Matching battery cabinets - Extended runtime for all models Compliance to all safety and EMI standards - CE certified High reliability - >220,000 hours MTBF