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SG Series UPS 50Hz & 60Hz (10 ~ 750kVA)


  • SPECIFICATIONS SitePro UPS is a three-phase, on-line, double conversion mode (providing true on-line operation) and is fully compliant with international standards regarding VFI operationThis continuous on-line UPS is available in models from 10kVA up to 500kVA. For high-power redundant applications, the SitePro UPS can be installed with up to eight units in parallel, achieving power protection up to 4MVA. Redundant Parallel Architecture (RPA) is a feature whereby SitePro UPS systems are controlled in a true peer-to-peer configuration with redundancy in all critical elements and functions. This advanced technology provides the greater system reliability for mission critical applications.

  • FEATURES & BENEFITS More critical equipment supported: Rated at power factor=0.9 (400 ; 500 kVA and 1.0(10-40 kVA)), SitePro UPS delivers more active power than other UPS on the market. SitePro UPS also delivers more accurate load qualification, allowing you to support a greater number of today's enterprise computing Power Factor Corrected (PFC) equipment. No single point of failure: With RPA, SitePro UPS are controlled in a true peer-to-peer configuration, where all critical elements and functions are redundant. High efficiency: Thanks to IGBT technology and the new SVM (Space Vector Modulation) strategy, SitePro UPS provides high efficiency up to 94.5%. IEM, combined with RPA, results in a cost-efficient and reliable UPS solution. Fully digital: DSP (Digital Signal Processor), flash memory, and SVM strategy are the technology cornerstones of the new age of power quality and reliability. Extremely flexible: SitePro UPS offers tailor-made power protection to comply with your individual installation requirements. Options include passive filter, 12-pulse rectifier, and DCU (Distortion Control Unit).